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The Role Of Dampers In HVAC Zone Control Systems

Dampers are responsible for controlling the airflow of the HVAC system while the actuators interface the control system and the mechanical system. According to the experts, around 80% of DDC or Direct Digital Control outputs from the HVAC goes to the hand of actuators. Air duct dampers can be found on the zone control systems and it controls the climate of the inside air based on the pre-set temperature settings. These systems can separate the areas on a building and maintain a unique degree of temperature based on the need of each area.

The Benefits Of EZC Systems

Thermostat sensors, control panels, and dampers are incorporated by the zone control systems in order to have a smooth operation. Dampers are like valves that control the volume of the air going to identified zones. These are connected to thermostats to figure out the exact measure of temperature in each zone. Once the thermostat reads the actual room temperature, it will automatically give a signal to control systems and advice the dampers to close or open until they achieved their desire temperature.

Preferred Temperature From HVAC System

A zone control system should be professionally installed because it can offer long-term advantages. They allow people to control the temperature in a specific area without adjusting the other zones’ settings. It can also offer an automated setting of temperature without compromising the comfort of folks in the area.

Dampers follow the signal control from the EZC system. It will tell how much air should the damper release on a specific area. It can also help the operator to save energy and money. An HVAC system that doesn’t have an EZC system will just have a regular flow of air coming from the dampers and will require more energy and affect the life of the system.

HVAC systems can be modified by a zone control system to have accessible ductwork. Professional installers place the dampers inside the air duct to execute the flow of air based on the thermostat sensor. The dampers will deliver cooling air according to the needs of the area. There are some instances that a zoning system requires an additional consideration like air pumps. This will execute and monitor the parameter of static pressure. High-rise buildings have various ducting systems and dampers. These are responsible for giving the right amount of air with different degrees of temperature. The zoning systems can adjust the supply of air based on your preferred climate. It can automatically detect by the thermostat or you can set your own temperature.

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